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If you are searching for how to get free robux on roblox using something like roblox hack then this is time to cheers up because hack roblox can help you to get free roblox. If you have already tried some roblox codes and roblox cheats which didn’t worked for you don’t worry this time you are on right site. We are presenting you the new updated robux generator which will get you free robux.

Many people asked us “how to hack roblox? or how to get robux?” and here we come with roblox robux generator that can generate free roblox. It took us more than 4 months to find the roblox exploit using which we were able to develop roblox generator.

You can directly go to following Roblox Robux Generator by clicking on Open Generator or continue exploring more about this hack tool that we have shared here. If you are curious about how to use this roblox generator then you can watch our how to get robux video for more detail.


Some of the best reasons to use our Roblox Hack Robux generator tool

Blazing Fast

Roblox Hack tool is a thrilling tool that is hosted on a dedicated server so that it can handle large amount of traffic that it get from game users. Right now the tool is capable of handling 10K simultaneous request. Which is enough to serve users.


The usages of this Roblox Hack tool is undetectable. You are protected by enterprise level md5 encryption technology. The transfer of data from your side to game server is in encrypted form and we never use you password though our security is 100% hack proof.

Free Forever

This tool is completely provided free of charge. We are not charging you anything to use this tool unlike some other private forum where users are charged like $10 for single run of the tool. Here you can use this hack roblox for unlimited time without any payment.

100% Working

In this roblox cheats tool we are using new roblox exploit using which we can emulates if you have paid real money for free robux/roblox. The game server will never detect that actually you never made payment but instead they are forces to give you free roblox. Other than present roblox exploit we have another backup method as well to you don't need to worry out it's life.

Independent Of Platform

Our tool is operating system independent. It don't need any particular specification to run the tool. If you have a device ( anything from mobile to desktop computer) with internet connection then this will do it's work. You don't need to download anything to your PC. All is browser based.

Auto Updates

Our group members are constantly working on finding and adding new exploits on this robux hack tool. We upgrade the application as required to provide the best hacking possibility. Also, remember that as this tool is online based all such process is carried out on our server automatically.

How to hack roblox And Get Free roblox codes?

An explanation for how to get free robux on roblox

Largest user-generated gaming platform ROBLOX is the ultimate place to imagine with friends. More than 15 million games that are created by users has made it #1 gaming site for different age group. Gamer creates their own virtual world and be socialised with other players. Everyday many gamer comes to ROBLOX to create adventures, play games, role play and learn from friends in a user friendly 3D environment.

Why need this Roblox Hack?

Roblox is mainly designed for age group from 8-18. The virtual currency through which company make money is on the form of robux. A user need large amount of robux to do various things on game. They can upgrade to upper level with robux. And to get robux they either need to pay real money or play game and complete levels. Spending money to buy robux is easy way if you have money but if you don’t want to pay your hard earned money or don’t have access to credit card then you have to spend larger time to get some little robux. To overcome this situation many are searching for tool like one that we have shared here. Such tools are able to do some trick on server and provide you free roblox robux.

How to use Roblox Hack Tool?

You don't need any special knowledge to use this cheats tool by yourself. As this tool is browser based that means you don't have to download anything to your PC. All the required files that is needed to funtion this application is hosted on dedicated server. To use this tool all you need is an internet connection. Though we had once offline version as well we have now discontinued that as it was harder for us to provide updates to it. When all the things are hosted on our side then it has become less tidious work to provide updates to application.

Step By Step Procedure

1) Goto Our Online Generator Site.

2) Enter Your Game Username.Android user can use gmail and apple user can use apple id.

3) Select platform accordingly

4) Enable Or Disable Encryption. By deafult Enable is selected which is secure.

5) Click on Connect.

6) After account is successfully connected Input values for Robux and Tix

7) Click on Generate

8) Wait for sometime so program do it's job

9) If required you may need to do human verification which take not more than 3 minutes

10) After successul message restart your game to see added values.

11) You may need to restart device if you are on mobile.


Read what other users of our hack tool have said about us

Marcus Green

Roblox 1 year member

I was playing game for more than 3 hours per day but i never got that much robux as i got from using this tool for just one time. I'm really happy that i found this website and ultimately it's online generator.

Joseph Benally

Roblox Addicted

I'm from united kingdom. At first run i was having problem with human verification as it states that too many request from your IP Range. On second attempt i completed one 2 minutes survey and i pass verification and got resources added.

Eric Shorter

Roblox Fan

I'm from Pakistan and i don't have credit card to by robux from game server.So i used this tool and was able to generate 5K robux with push of a button. It took me about 5 minutes to pass the human verification but it did worked.Thanks to developer.